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If you are considering purchasing and installing sod, there are a number of different characteristics that you can benefit from. You can install sod anywhere you'd like! You can install it for your entire lawn, office building areas, or just landscaping areas. Wherever you decide to install it, it will be aesthetically pleasing to the eye!
Here is a brief list of the many benefits sod has to offer:

Sod can be installed any time of the year.

As long as your soil can be tilled you can install sod any time you are ready!

Sod can withstand heavy usage.

After your sod establishes itself you can treat it just like a normal lawn!

Sod is better for the environment.

Sod can contribute to a healthier environment!  When you install sod, it cools and cleans the atmosphere by reflecting the sun's heat and absorbing harmful pollutants.

Using sod is less work.

After the sod has been installed, all you need to do is water, mow and fertilize your lawn as needed. It will continue to remain healthy and beautiful.

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