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U-Save Sod mainly distributes sod from the West Coast Turf in Patterson, California. The five major varieties are:

Low-Maintenance, Drought-Resistant Lawns

West Coaster - A special blend of 80% Fescue and 10% Rye 10% Blue Rye

West Coaster is the blend that we have made to tolerate the drought. West Coaster is durable and elegant in appearance. The rye blends gives you excellent texture and color year round. The fescue and rye gives this turf strength and durability. West Coaster is drought tolerant and disease resistant. This sod is kid and pet, sun and shade friendly.

High-Maintenance, Water-Demanding Lawns

Emerald Fescue- A special blend of 100% Fescue

Emerald Fescue has a slightly coarser blade than the blue grass mix but is rich in color and has year-round greenery. It is perfect for family recreational areas, commercial and industrial landscapes, is drought tolerant and disease resistant, and does well in shaded areas.

Mello Fescue - A special blend of 20 % Kentucky Blue and 80% Fescue

Mello Fescue is a durable grass which will stay green year round and will easily adapt to differences in soils and climates. It has a good resistance to drought and disease and does well in shaded areas.

Mello Blue - A special blend of 100% Kentucky Blue

Mello Blue is an elegant, fine-leaf-bladed grass that is bluish-green in color and will remain green throughout the year. Mello Blue has a refined appearance that will enhance any yard. It is highly recommended for residential, commercial, and industrial landscapes but not for high-traffic situations. This blend requires well-drained soils.

Mello Rye - A special blend of 80% Kentucky Blue and 20% Perennial Rye

Mello Rye is durable and elegant in appearance, and like the Mello Blue it has the fine leaf and is bluish-green in color. The rye gives the turf more strength and durability and is more resistant to disease than its counterpart, Mello Blue.

U-Save Sod is here to help you with any questions you may have about the appropriate sod for your project. Please feel free to contact us any time and speak with our professionals!

U-Save Sod serves the entire San Francisco Bay area!